Visas and Passes to Uganda

Baggage Information
Travel Requirements to Uganda
  • Foreign nationals intending to enter Uganda for purposes of employment are required to comply with requirements for expatriate employment in Uganda.
  • All visa-prone nationalities are required to obtain Uganda visas to facilitate their entry into the country.
  • Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the points of entry in the country.
  • All travelers to the Republic of Uganda MUST have a valid Yellow Fever Immunization card.
Uganda Electronic Visa /Permit Application

Online visa applications are possible, visit the Uganda Electronic Visa/Permit Application System at Uganda Immigration

Uganda Visa Fees:

Uganda Immigration Help Center
  • Visas do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda.
  • Entry into or exit from Uganda should be made only through gazetted ports of entry/exit
Note: visas do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda
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