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Group Booking

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Group booking is not available oIf you're traveling with a group of ten (10) or more people, our Group Travel Program is for you! The program provides extra flexibility and discounted airfare to help make your travel experience affordable, easy, and fun.

Groups receive access to special discounts off published fares through our dedicated Group Travel Reservations Consultants.

Group travel benefits
  • Take advantage of special group fares and offers.
  • Secure your group's reservation with a deposit and arrange to pay the balance up to 7 days prior to departure.
  • Reserve seats even if you do not immediately have the names of all travelers.
  • Advance purchase of extra baggage allowance, subject to applicable rates.
  • Dedicated group check-in counters upon request.
  • Special meals that meet religious or dietary requirements upon request.
  • Group seating onboard our aircraft when available.
Who benefits?
  • School Groups.
  • Religious Groups.
  • Family Groups.
  • Sport Groups.
  • Conference Groups.